dimanche 18 décembre 2016

Out Now : CUJO - Demo 2016

Cujo do one of the best demo of this year. 3 min of pure old school hardcore in the vein of Cardiac Arrest or Career Suicide. Last track is a hit. Euro edition, 50xred tapes.

samedi 17 décembre 2016

New In Distro : COMBATANT / PMS 84 / NO TIME

COMBATANT - Collection tape ( all songs in one tape)
PMS 84 - first ep (tape version)
NO TIME - You ll get yours ( one.of the best lp of 2016 in tape)

dimanche 4 décembre 2016

New In Distro : NOI!SE - The Real Enemey

From Soundrennaissance :
When their time isn’t devoted to the Army and family, Noi!se pour their heart and soul into their authentic delivery of catchy streetpunk. The Tacoma Washington’s punk quartet is back with their new album The Real Enemy, a follow up to 2014’s The Scars We Hide.
The album opens with the wailing sound of melodic lead guitars on “Passing Time,” and Noi!se couldn’t have picked a more suitable opening track. The song builds up into an explosion of hard-hitting rhythm guitars and abrasive vocals. The band combines melodic with anthemic on this track. Similarly, “Dull The Pain,” “Sea of Apathy,” “End of Days,” and “The Show” share the same fist-pumping energy and soulfulness.
The Real Enemy has more of a live sound in comparison to Noi!se’s earlier releases. The overall mix seems to place less emphasis on the vocals, but you can hear Al Barr (Dropkick Murphys, The Bruisers) come in with his raspy growl on much of the album. On the second track “Take It Back,” Gordy Carbone (The Forgotten) chimes in on the second verse. Noi!se even get some help from The Interrupters’ lead vocalist, Aimee Interrupter, on “The War Inside.”
Streetpunk is one of the most sincere subgenres of punk. Listen to any well known song and you will hear unforgettable fist-pumping sing-alongs laden with gang vocals. “SPD” is one of those songs. It’s short and intense, clocking in at only a minute and twenty-four seconds, but I can picture a crowd of punks and skins raising their fists and piling up to the microphone.
Overall, The Real Enemy is a solid punk album. While the vocals may be low on the mix, Noi!se captures true substance and vigor. If you’re a fan of bands like Cock Sparrer, Pinkerton Thugs, or early Dropkick Murphys, you should familiarize yourself with Noi!se.

dimanche 27 novembre 2016

New In Distro : RED ALERT - The Oi! Singles 1980-1983 Lp

North East of England outfit Red Alert originally formed in their native Sunderland in early 1979 with a line up of Steve Smith on vocals, Tony Van Frater on guitar, Gaz Stuart on bass, Kid Stocker on guitar and Mitch filling the drum stool. It was this version of Red Alert that recorded the legendary “Third and Final” EP (sometimes know as “Border Guards”), which was released on their own label in the summer of 1980 with all 250 sleeves actually glued together by the band themselves! Leading Punk label No Future Records picked up on the band (who by now had Nobby on drums and slimmed to a four piece with the departure of Kid Stocker to Red London) and their first release for the label was the legendary “In Britain” EP which shot to the top of the then important Independent Chart. Incidentally the two demos featured on this release, “S.P.G.” and “I Tore Your Picture Up”, were actually recorded at the same sessions as “In Britain” but, until now, had remained unreleased. A second Indie Chart hit came via mid 82’s “Take no prisoners” EP and they became a leading live attraction following gigs with the likes of The Business, Blitz, The Partisans and Peter & The Test Tube Babies. The “City Invasion” 7” preceded the release of Red Alert’s debut album “We’ve got the power” which, in true Punk value for money style, contained none of the bands singles releases and a different version of “S.P.G.” from that which had appeared on the legendary “Carry on Oi!” LP. A top 5 Indie Album Chart entry, the LP was followed by the six track 12” “There’s a guitar burning” thought this turned out to be the bands last release for No Future as the label folded in early ’84. Common People Records reissue in a 12” all the singles (plus the 12” “There’s a guitar burning”) of their first years (1980-1983). Singles are “Third and Final”, “In Britain”, “Take no prisoners” and “City Invasion”, as well “There’s a guitar burning” 12”.

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dimanche 20 novembre 2016

Out Now : COMBATANT - Psychosis Ep

About 28 years ago, one of my friends neighbors gave me a copy of Agnostic Front's Victim In Pain Lp. We can not say that this record changed my life but somewhere he contributed. Last year a young band from Maine (USA) released a fantastic demo that can only remind this album. Here is their second effort "Psychosis Ep" again recorded by Ryan Abbott at the Side Two Studio.
 Black smoked tape with white cover - 17ex
Mushroom tape with black cover - 83 ex  

mercredi 16 novembre 2016

New In Distro : COUPE GORGE & THE HAMMER - Split Tape

COUPE GORGE is part of the new wave of french bands bringing hardcore/punk/oi music sang in french back, along with Syndrome 81, Rixe and alike. CG goes with some raw Negative Approach influenced tracks ‘en Français’ like the band’s anthem “Coupe Gorge”, “Guerre Civile” and “La Nuit” in the mix with thumping French Oi!/streetpunk jams like “Haine” and “Violence”.
The HAMMER is a 4 piece hardcore band from Gotenbörg, Sweden. Their first 7″ No Escape blew me away the very first time I listened to it, so I put out their new 6 track 7". Now they are back with 3 new tracks from the "Vermin 7" sessions". If you are into The Flex, Right Brigade, Think I Care or 86 Mentality you HAVE TO check them out.

mardi 15 novembre 2016

New In Distro : THE WAR GOES ON - St LP

NEW DARK AGE BLOG The record that has been in the works for more than four years from these K-town degenerates is now ready. We are proud to present the dark and rough reality that is THE WAR GOES ON. Made up of people responsible for bands like NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, HJERTESTOP, and many more K-town classic hardcore bands. This record sees singer Ronni Dybdahl delve further into the depths of darkness and gloom than ever before, and come back with an anthemic hard pounding street punk record that somehow blurs the lines between Oi!, Punk, and Hardcore....

lundi 14 novembre 2016

New In Distro : NEU-RONZ - St Ep

Great EP by a to me more or less unknown Swedish band. How on earth did this escape my attention? No clue, but it's hardcore at it's best. It kinda reminds me of spanish hardcore beasts Glam, well... Except the vocals. They are more in some Umeå'ish direction. Yet there's so much more to it check it out...

dimanche 13 novembre 2016

New In Distro : GLORIOUS? - Who Are They To Impose Restrictions

From Sorry State : Debut 12" from this band out of Malmö. Playing straight-on d-beat, Glorious? actually have a pretty interesting sound that combines a few different elements of the Discharge template, kind of melding different elements from throughout Discharge's discography. The double-tracked vocals sound almost exactly like Realities of War, but the music is both heavier a la Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing and riff-ier and more metallic a la Why? or even early Broken Bones. It's almost kind of a shame that Glorious? sound so much like Discharge in places, because they strike me as much more than a simple d-beat band... these songs are dense, complex, and dynamic, far more than just Discharge riffs copied and slightly rearranged. Though the overall vibe is a bit different, they have a Totalitär-esque way of making fairly straightforward riffs seem weighty and important. A year or so ago I would have told you that d-beta was the deadest of horses, but between bands like Glorious? and Paranoid the genre feels totally revivified. Definitely recommended!

samedi 12 novembre 2016

New In Distro : BARREN? - Demo

New band from Paris with Krisgade members.
Punk , Anarch Punk, listen and make your own opinion.
All that I could say is this demo is great.