mardi 21 juin 2016

New In Distro : KOMINTERN SECT - D'une Même Voix

From Oi Of America Blog
I have not been this anxious and nervous for what a record was going to hold since..... Fuck, I don't even remember. well over 25 years ago Komintern Sect was one of the bands that introduced me to French Oi! / Punk and even more then that, they opened me up to a world of bands and sounds. Even though I did not understand a fucking word they said It was the bands energy and attitude that translated their songs in to my heart and soul. I also have to say their early records turned me on to the raw lo-fi sound that a lot of foreign bands and some note worthy bands from the good ol' U.S.A. would be influenced by.

So the question that loomed over me is what was this record that I wanted so bad was going to sound like? I was nervous because it has been 30 years since their last record? Fucking killer is the answer to that question! A few things stuck out to me the first time I listen to this record. First: The production quality is far superior to the bands other records and this will spread their sound to those who need a cleaner production quality. This cranked up production does not take away from the bands power or their def use of melody, it just enhances it.
Second: You hear Louis from Lions Law guitar style and I love how it works with the rhythm section and Carl's still power packed vocals.
Third: And maybe the most pleasant surprise, is this record does not miss a step in the quality of the song writing or in the delivery of these songs. The bands classic sound is fully intact. Take the use of haunting choruses and melodic guitar solo's that ache and bend in to your soul are on the amazing "Unite".

I do not care if you hate foreign language Oi! you need to listen to this record if not for any other reason then to hear were so many bands of yesterday and today were influenced. The album has five new, original songs and finishes with a cover "Pour La Gloire" originally done by Camera Silens. Benoit from Camera Silens plays guitar on this song. Komintern Sect pays homage to another French band with this standout cover. There is not a single miss step on this record. All Killer and no filler comes to mind when I think about how to describe this album. I keep listening to this record over and over and all I am left with is wanting more.

mardi 14 juin 2016

Restock : COUPE GORGE - Demo Ep

Back In Sotck : 

Part of the new group of killer Hardcore influenced Oi coming out of France right now. Coupe Gorge join the likes of Rixe, Syndrome 81, and Traitre'.
Six tracks of hardcore influenced Oi. Equal parts speed and stomp with a good dose of gang vocals.

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mercredi 1 juin 2016

New in distro - THE CONEHEADS - LP#1


The NWI scene is on another level to the rest of humanity. Oh yes, it's going to get weird once you put this shit on. Coneheads are a basement punk band who have decided to douse themselves in creepy circus riffs, robot meets alien vocals with science-fiction wackyness. Keep in mind, it's still punk and damn catchy! Who said weird can't be catchy?

They sound like DOW JONES AND THE INDUSTRIALS on speed or a more manic DEVO. This would perfectly fit in 1982 but I doubt they were born before 92. Major points for historical awareness! The rhythm barrels along while solos are interspersed at six second intervals, desperately played like a blur between a Jerry Lee Richard piano solo and a fevered banjo picker who lives in an Appalachian cave.

It's hard to find the line between cheap gimmick and true weirdness sometimes, but this one shows that line with every spin. This band is highly addictive and leaves you stunned!