mercredi 15 juillet 2015

samedi 11 juillet 2015

More Tapes

DIRECT IMPACT is a new band out of the Boston area that plays hardcore in the vein of all our favorite late 80s NYHC bands. This demo features anthems of unity, positivity, and being yourself

Scattered across the east coast, BURST OF RAGE is a new, young hardcore band that hails from DC, CT, NY, and MA. Paying homage to the Anthrax bands of the late 80s, they come correct with their debut 7-song demo of tunes inspired by the "X Marks The Spot" compilation 7".

FREEDOM - LP promo
Freedom brings you 3 brand new tunes that will be featured on their upcoming LP out on Triple B Records later this year. Also on this tape is an ill Warzone cover.

Demo tracks and some unreleased tunes. Extortion set out to make ears bleed pure powerviolence that worships at the altar of bands like Crossed Out, Neanderthal and Infest. Their songs whip up into a frenzy of blast beats and growls and slow down into agonizing sludge bits.

mercredi 1 juillet 2015

Distro update

 Savageheads - Demo

Crazy Spirit - Demo 2014

Harm Done - Promo LP

Isarael Regardee - Tu n'es personne
Modern Problems - Foolish Times
Boodkrow Butcher - Nigh hell

Coupe Gorge - Demo
DIE - Vexed
Gas Rag - Discography

ZAP - Demo
Leather Daddy - Demo
Leather Daddt - Sob Story 
Gasmask Terror - Black Sun / Fake Gold
Gasmask Terror - Like Dagger & 17101961
True Vision - Demo

Urban Savage - 4 songs Ep
The Flex - Don't bother on me Ep