lundi 24 juin 2013

New on distro

GLAM - Veneno en sus flechas MLP
Two and a half years on from their debut 6 track EP, Barcelona's GLAM return with a 9 track mini album. It's a crushing assault on the ears and mind. The recording is a perfect mixture of clarity and rawness. The growling distorted bass drives the sound on top of relentless drumming and fuzzed out and feedback drenched guitar work that's part classic japanese hardcore and part 'Ungobernable Force' era CONFLICT. GLAM are noisy, chaotic and explosive and each track rages with anger and intensity.

FRAMTID - Defeat of civilization

Eleven years after their already classic and genre defining "Under the Ashes" Osaka's FRAMTID are back with a new LP. "Defeat of Civilization" is everything you would expect from FRAMTID. 10 tracks of crushing Japanese hardcore heavily influenced both by the sound and ideas of early Swedish hardcore but pushing to sound to the edge. Mega distorted guitars, deep vocals and the most solid yet dynamic rhythm section you'll ever witness are FRAMTID's trademark as well as are their lyrics full of hope and their stark black and white graphics.

vendredi 14 juin 2013

0R13 - The Shining - Rise Of Degenerates

0R13 - The Shining - Rise Of Degenerates
 La treizième sortie du label est sortie au mois de février. The Shining passent le cap du LP, un travail très réussit. Le groupe fait dans le trash core, le son est énorme tout comme les morceaux. Deux versions différentes, une en noir et une autre en jaune transparent. Ceci fut une coproduction avec une multitude d'autres labels. 


OR12 - Possuido Pelo Cao & Conquest For Death - Destruccion Split 
Le disque est pressé et il ne manque plus que la pochette. Ce sera donc pour bientôt.

OR14 - Mom On Meth - Gray Area
Un LP pour les Lyonnais de Mom On Meth. Oui Oui Oui