jeudi 15 mars 2012

NEGATIVE DEGREE - Tour & Second press

Second press of the Negative Degree demo ep is here - Thanxxx for all distro that we have a trade in progress for theire pacience 

The band make some dates ; here :

Thursday 15th - Chicago @ The Mousetrap (2201 w. Huron St.) w/ Haka, Divine Right, & Sea of Shit 
 after-show with Culo & Poor Choice @ some loft space
Friday 16th - Pittsburgh @ Kopec's w/ Cultivator & Anthophobic
Saturday 17th - DC @ Asefu's (1920 9th St. NW) w/ Bad Doctors (Philly) & Dry Feet (also Philly)
Sunday 18th - Raleigh @ King's w/ Stripmines (record release show)
Monday 19th - Richmond @ House show (ASK A PUNK) w/ Meth Lab & Barge
Tuesday 20th - Philly @ Cloud City w/ Sickoids, Congenital Death, & Attitude Era
Wednesday 21st - NYC @ 538 Johnson w/ Nuclear Spring & Dipers
Thursday 22nd - Boston @ What We Talk About
Friday 23rd - Albany @ Valentine's Upstairs w/ Alpha Males
Saturday 24th - Clevo @ Tower 2012 (9521 Madison Ave.) w/ Nothing Left & Basement Boys
Sunday 25th - St. Louis @ Bonerville/Black Lodge (3301 Michigan St.) w/ Doom Town, Masculine Journey, & new Chicago band

lundi 5 mars 2012


Both versions versions of the Negative Degree are now sold out. We made a second press of 200 with this time red and black labels. We continue trading this record. For the moment , Grave Mistake (USA) , Deranged (Canada) , Kangaroo (France) and Spastic Fantastic (Germany) have copies to distro. 

Next our numero 10 release , yes 10 , will be the first ep of Mom On Meth (France\Lyon). It is a coprod with  Middle Class Zombie Attack, Black Thrash , and a member of the band. More news soon.