jeudi 5 novembre 2015

BOMBERS Demo and LITIGE Demo out Now

From American Oi : 
Featuring (ex-)members of other Massachusetts outfits such as Combat Zone, Zipperhead and Flaccid, Boston is literally droppin’ the boom(!) this time with the release of Bombers’ first demo cassette! Harsh Reality had first dibs to unleash This savagery to the world and it’s bound to leave every living room into an apocalyptic wasteland with its fury!
With five tracks, divided over six and a half minutes of play-time, you know this tape is going to be rager and guess what? That is exactly what this demo is!The recording is raw and unpolished, like everything was plugged in and banged out in one take, just to get back to the more important things in life, like knocking back a few more cold beers! This gives Bombers an authentic and vicious sound, that is taking you straight back to the 80’s! Can hardcore get any better than this? 
Well maybe, but for now Bombers first demo will do! Because “Cold”, “Gonna Get It Over With”, “Laughing In The Face Of Death”, “Dirty Animal” and “High Tolerance” are smashing it up right now! An absolute ripper of a demo from the city that never seems to disappoint when it comes down to hardcore!

ENCORE UNE FOIS l esprit de DANGERHOUSE plane au dessus de Lyon. LITIGE ressuscite sur cette démo le son en vogue à la fin de s70's du coté de la Californie. 
Si vous aimez THE AVENGERS, ALLEY CATS , THE BAGS et THE CROWD écouter ce nouveau groupe. 
300 exemplaires en co production avec le groupe.

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