samedi 14 mai 2016

New in distro : No Time / Mundo Muerto / Short Days

You'll Get Yours LP cover art
NO TIME - You'll Get Yours LP

Pittsburgh's NO TIME are back with a follow up full length to their debut 7"

on SFU. YOU'LL GET YOURS features 11 new songs in the Oi/Hardcore vein done with perfection. This is one of the best LPs I've heard in a while. 

SHORT DAYS - Bleak City Ep 

Another great record from theses punk from Lille

Great songs in the best melodic punk, mastered by North London Bomb Factory , a sign of quality.

MUNDO MUERTO - Entre El Kaos LP - 10€ 

Mundo Muerto comes from California and delivers catchy, up-tempo hardcore punk. They have released a tape and two 7'' and this is their first lp with eleven dynamite punk hymns. Fast, tight, somewhere between the usual latino hardcore of the california scene and the spanish punk of the 80's, something like modern Eskorbuto, or something like Appendix flerting with Peligro social. Nice distorted guitars without being noisy, the vocals are great, just what you want to go on with your filthy life. Sounds like being recorded especially for gigs. I can imagine dozen of punks attack the singer only to shout some words on the mic. I can see "Ciegos al poder" or "Dias oskuros" be on your next car cd compilation. Ace...

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