jeudi 11 août 2016

New In Distro : LOST LEGION demo tape / BRICK ASSASSIN 12" / ROGUE TROOPER - Boots on the Ground 7"

LOST LEGION - demo tape
A couple of idiots playing music drunk for no reason. Two tracks leaked last year (to be released soon on 'Oi! the Tape' on Crowd Control Media) that set the hype machine in motion.
This tape includes four new tracks that riff less on the Templars and Boot Party vein of the earlier songs and veers more towards the style of Chiswick punk, Condemned 84, and Ultima Thule. Oi! music of the future must certainly be the Oi! music of the past.

Chicago's Midway neighborhood hosts an airport and hundred's of locked cells for the working-class communities doing time on Chicago's south side. Brick Assassin come from Midway, a band of resilient goons growing up big and ugly, raised on a diet of industrial slime nuclear-green hot dog relish in a dense smog of dying industries. After a well-received debut 7" and a split 7" with Minneapolis's Victory, Brick Assassin have weathered various storms but have come back stronger than before, surviving line-up changes and label shifts. Their new LP is a series of complaints about union bosses, Nazi skins, and trying to feed a family in while the atmosphere smothers your lungs. Midway Mutant Crew.

ROGUE TROOPER - Boots on the Ground 7"
Massachusetts has a rich history of bad decisions, from witch trials to the recent influx of opioid addiction. It's easy to think that kids probably don't have to try too hard to find trouble, but I guess dumbing yourself down with religion or drugs doesn't work for everyone and some kids need a different cult to join. It's this gap where Amherst's Rogue Trooper found their home, running hard in the other direction of their peers but still staunchly staking their claim as Bay Staters; they're the younger brother that'll never live up to the potential you see in them.
Their music flexes an American muscle hard and you can hear the influence from the early Bruisers singles, Uprise comp-tracks, and the more garage-y cuts from the Wretched Ones records, but there's still a bit of that English influence from the Hammer Records catalog and that lends the band a little more melody than the founding fathers of American Oi. Their demo last year was the best new Oi recording I'd heard in quite some time and this 7" blows it away.

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