mercredi 9 novembre 2016

RESTOCK : SYNDROME 81 - La Rouille Du Quotidient

From American Oi : 
After debuting with Short Days back in 2013, followed up earlier this year with a Traitre 7”, Syndrome 81’s latest 45 is now the third installment in Build Me A Bomb Records’ “Single Round”-series. The idea of this series is plain, simple, minimalistic and so far, pure gold! And with Syndrome 81 up next I don’t see a downgrade to silver, bronze, or worse, any time soon!
 Because if something as a ‘band-crush’ would exist, I’d have this crush on Syndrome 81! It almost seems impossible for the boys from Brest (yup, even during this review that is still in France) to record, or at least release, something that doesn’t kick you in the teeth with pure brilliance! You might have guessed by my tone of writing already, but this ‘45 tours de punk-rock Français’ is no exception!
 The recipe is similar as their demo, the “Désert Urbain” EP or their split 7” with Litovsk, but just as you thought that they were on top of their game... Syndrome 81 crushes their previous efforts with cleverly inventive guitar work, producing sublime melodies. Perhaps a simple task for someone who can actually hold and play the guitar, but for someone who led an instrumental-free life, like me, the second half of “La Rouille Du Quotidien” is just pure punkrock heaven!
 Despite all of the above, “Pulsions Électriques” is quite a shocker (pun intended) though! Experimental to say the least, the electric pulsations of the track stand in complete contrast with the flipside,  delivering a song completely in a new / dark / cold (whatever it is called) wave style. Odd, brave and definitely not bad, post-punk depression always lured through Syndrome 81’s sound, they just took the Joy Division influences to the next level for this side of the 45.

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