jeudi 10 novembre 2016


From American Oi :
Fans of Northern-France outfit Traitre will sure get their kicks this month with the release of not one, but two brand new seven inch records! The first of the two to come out is the two-track 45 “Humain En Vue” b/w “Un Pays À Détruire” on French hardcore-punk label Build Me A Bomb Records, who you might (but probably don’t) know of releases by Thrashington D.C., Youth Avoiders and Short Days.

Anyways, besides the usual suspects we all love, Traitre is quickly becoming one of my favorites out of the country where pain still means bread. Although their sound is not unique or anything, know it all’s can probably name-drop ten alike-sounding bands, their style has a certain flair and unconstrained feel to it, as if the superb melodies just fly out of their amps automatically. Just listen to the A-side of this single, “Humain En Vue”, and see if you understand what I mean, definitely one of their best songs to date!

Same can be said about the B-side. Despite it being a cover, “Un Pays À Défendre” by L’Infanterie Sauvage, the original version never passed the demo phase and Traitre’s take, with a subtle title change to “Un Pays À Détruire”, is sublime! Magnifique from front to back, this slab of wax is an absolute must-hear for fans of French Oi!-punk!

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